Thursday, 24 January 2013

24/1 - Guided Rhythm

 Shoes - BillabongStore ; Jeans - Cheap Monday ; T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters ; Denim Shirt - Thrifted ; Grey Hoodie - American Apparel ; Varsity Jacket - Urban Outfitters ; Beanie - Studs ; Bag - Forever21

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting anything in quite a while, I'm just kinda busy studying for my exams, which also kind of reminded me to show off that awesome Varsity Jacket. School is awesome and all but seriously this exams situation is getting on my nerves as they are so time consuming and just don't leave a lot of time to do fun stuff. Like drink beer as it says on my tee or just goof around a bit longer.
Anyways, my blog will most probably be quite empty the next few days because of the exams so hate my school and not me. :)

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