Thursday, 24 January 2013

24/1 - Guided Rhythm

 Shoes - BillabongStore ; Jeans - Cheap Monday ; T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters ; Denim Shirt - Thrifted ; Grey Hoodie - American Apparel ; Varsity Jacket - Urban Outfitters ; Beanie - Studs ; Bag - Forever21

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting anything in quite a while, I'm just kinda busy studying for my exams, which also kind of reminded me to show off that awesome Varsity Jacket. School is awesome and all but seriously this exams situation is getting on my nerves as they are so time consuming and just don't leave a lot of time to do fun stuff. Like drink beer as it says on my tee or just goof around a bit longer.
Anyways, my blog will most probably be quite empty the next few days because of the exams so hate my school and not me. :)

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

19/01 - It's T. Time (3)

Skirt - H&M ; Shirt - JC ; Cardigan - Urban Outfitters

Hey guys! It's T. and I'm back with pictures from fashion week from my home country: SWEDEN. Sweden has many great and different designers and despite their talent they aren't amongst the most famous ones in the world. But Acne has become very well known now and you can spot some swedish brands in Urban Outfitter (Cheap monday, Carin Wester). These pictures are from Stockholm fashion week showing some looks for spring/summer 2013

 Ida Sj√∂stedt spring/ summer 2013 

Acne spring/ summer 2013 

Whyred spring/summer 2013  

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

13/1 - Winter is all over You

Jeans - Cheap monday ; Jumper - Topman ; Jacket - Urban Outfitters ; Shoes - BillabongStore

Hey everyone! Have to make this blog update quick as I'm heading out to meet a friend soon and I still have to study and blergh.
People have been telling me I look like a hobo in this outfit but I somehow seem to take it as a compliment for a reason I can't even explain. I bought the jacket at Urban Outfitters in the sales and it was such a godlike moment. I was looking for plaid shirts but thinking "Oh no Tobi not more shirts you should get jackets it's cold". I pick up this shirt then and think to myself "oh that's heavy for a shirt" and I see it's a jacket! The deal was sealed when I looked at the price and it went down from 46 Euros to 19.
Yes I realize it seems like I say oh a lot in my thoughts but I'm a very surprised person!
Here's a song I'm obsessed with right now:

Special thanks to T.
for taking the Photos

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Friday, 11 January 2013

11/1 - It's T. Time (2)

T-Shirt - Cheapmonday ; Cardigan - Zara ; Jeans - Acne

Hey guys! Guess who's back, back again. T is back, tell a friend. I could go on for hours..
Here in Belgium it's as cold as ever, but in the fashion-world the only thing they're talking about are the trends for this summer. It warms me a little by looking at the fashion shows and pictures of summer collections, especially one of my favorites: STELLA MCCARTNEY!

For her summer collection this year she I spotted some new trends which I think are worth sharing with you.

  The sporty trend, which has been "in" for quite a while now still continues to rock runways and it's accompanied by sporty details for example low belts.
You can also see a lot of see-through and a new way of cutting the materials creating new and interesting shapes.
As for the materials, a new type of lace, square-formed is very in. You can also see it in Alexander McQueens summer collection. Mixing prints is also making an appearance which I think, will be copied by many big companies like H&M, so you might see the trend in stores.
 Strong colors make a comeback this summer and as many summers before white is playing a big role again. Although, this summer many designers have been very bold by using a lot of black which usually isn't associated with summer colors. You can also see this in Dior's summer collection.
As for the shoes, Stella insisted on more comfortable shoes: wedges, big stripes, plateau.

Personally, Stella McCartney has always been my absolute favorite designer and I like the way she reinvents herself for every collection she makes. I love the see-through jumper and the jumpsuit with different prints.
Pictures taken from
this website.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

9/1 - Separate Ways

Hey guys! So I know I'm quite late to join the quilted trend but better late than never! I absolutely love that jumper and even though I told myself I wouldn't buy anything not on sale when I went shopping, I just had to get it, but since it was 25 Euros at H&M I thought that you can't say no then.
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Monday, 7 January 2013

7/1 - Beauty in Thirds

Jumper - ; Jeans - Urban Outfitters ; Shoes - Billabongstore

Hey everyone!
First off, I'm sorry for being absent for so long again, but whoever follows my Twitter (coughcough) would know that I have done stuff for this blog.. love when that thing is shopping in the sales.
Anyways, I have ordered this jumper quite a while ago and it arrived about 10 days ago but I couldn't blog it because I didn't own these beautiful black jeans yet which I'm wearing up there (from 70 down to 32 euros!!!) and black is basically the only color this jumper works with in my opinion.
I was going for a messy hair look to signify that I'm not ready for school tomorrow. FML.
Here's some other jumpers I think are pretty cool also from the Website. Enjoy!
Pictures taken by T.

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